Centre for Life is a recognized non-governmental, non-profit organization which was founded in 1991 as an initiative undertaken by a group of friends – the vast majority of whom were American – with Frank Oclvary, the inspiration and driving force of this society, being the dominant figure amongst them.

The founding of Centre for Life took place during a period of time when even though the AIDS epidemic was already spread out all over the world, the majority of Greek people were vastly uninformed, while seropositive people (carriers of the HIV virus which causes AIDS) were faced with hopelessness, isolation, fear, pain and abandonment.

The small group of volunteers that became the core of Centre for Life in its’ first steps, focused mainly in helping, by any means available, people infected with the virus who were living under unfavorable conditions, in most cases abandoned even by their own families. Our volunteers, with great effort, managed gradually to enter the hospitals that accommodated HIV+ patients and earn their trust by providing mostly love and companionship.

Over time that small group of volunteers gained new members – presently, most of them Greek – it expanded and became a large family of people offering selflessly and conscientiously their services to all those who, directly or indirectly, are facing HIV and/or AIDS in their lives.

Today, Centre for Life is an organization, unique in its kind in Greece, supporting HIV+ people, and participating in many European Programs and Networks.