The Centre for Life is registered in the National Registry of Institutions of the Private Sector Non-profit offering social care services and in the Special Registry of the Volunteering Non-Governmental Organizations / Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity. Registry Number: 09110ΦΣΕ11096068Ν0206.

Our services are provided free of charge and cover the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS, their families and their partners. CFL’s revenues come solely from the private sector through sponsorships and donations, as we do not receive any financial support from the public sector.

Make a donation

Other ways to support us

You can create a direct bank payment with the amount you wish to donate and the frequency you prefer (monthly, trimester, every six months, annually or one-time) or donate through your online banking system.
In any case, please inform us about your bank transfer by calling at (+30) 210 72 57 617 or sending your information (name, address and amount deposited) at [email protected], in order to have the donation receipt sent to you.
Bank account No.: 111002101046001
IBAN: GR3601401110111002101046001

Fill out a regular post check and mail it to the Centre for Life: Athens, 42 Iera Odos, 104 35, phone number (+30) 210 72 57 617

You can support the work of Centre for Life by making a financial donation (with cash or cash card) by visiting our offices: Athens, 42 Iera Odos, 104 35, Phone number (30+) 210 72 57 617.

In many cases, the needs of CFL are covered by donations of items or services from professionals and companies who wish to contribute to our cause.

Free printings of brochures, posters, etc. and donations of office equipment are a couple of examples which can help us significantly reduce part of our operating expenses.
If you wish to provide products or services through your company or your profession, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to donate items or products to either of our offices in Athens or Thessaloniki, you may contact us at (+30) 210 72 57 617 or (+30) 210 72 33 848.

The products are distributed immediately to people in need, through our volunteers and the professionals of Centre for Life, in order to secure that the donations are being consumed and not redistributed in the market.

What can I donate?

The Centre for Life accepts dry and cool storage products, cleaning products, personal hygiene products etc. (we kindly ask that you check the expiration dates).

Telephone numbers: (+30) 210 72 57 617 – (+30) 2310 23 70 40

There are many ways for a company to support our work. Whichever way you choose, keep in mind that you are contributing to our efforts to provide free support and services to people living with HIV, their families and their partners, as well as reinforcing general-public awareness.

Head of corporate partnerships: Kostis Chatzimorakis.

Telephone numbers: (+30) 210 72 57 617 & (+30) 210 72 33 848

Ε-mail: [email protected]

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Donate some of your free time to us. Become a volunteer of the Centre for Life. Your support will help us enhance our programs nationally. If you want more information about becoming a volunteer, press here.