Access to the pharmaceutical care system for uninsured citizens

According to Joint Ministerial Decision No. A3(g)/GP/oik. 25132 “Regulations to ensure access of the uninsured to the Public Health System” (FEK 1753 part B):

Uninsured Greeks, citizens of E.U Member States and of third countries, legally or illegally residing in Greece, who are not insured to any public or private insurance institution, along with the insured who don’t have insurance eligibility anymore because of debts to their insurance funds and the dependent members of their families are entitled to free access to all public health structures (including university hospitals) and, under certain conditions, free pharmaceutical care.

Responsible for the process of providing free pharmaceutical care to the uninsured are the Social Welfare Departments of each municipality.

Unemployed up to 29 years old

According to Law 2639/1998 (FEK Part A 205) article 18 ” Regulation of working relations, establishment of the Labor Inspectorate and other provisions”, unemployed up to 29 years of age are entitled to receive illness benefits in kind from IKA if they have a valid unemployment card of at least 2 months, issued by OAED.

Beneficiaries should:

  • continue being unemployed and having an unemployment card, which they renew every 3 months
  • be uninsured
  • not be university students
  • inform their local IKA branch once they found employment

Those wishing to be included in the above provisions should submit to the IKA or KEP offices the following documentation:

  • Application in the local IKA branch for inclusion in the insurance.
  • Certification from OAED that the interested person is registered with OAED for 2 consecutive months before applying for the inclusion in IKA’s insurance and has an unemployment card, renewed per month.
  • Solemn Declaration of Law 1599/1986 that the uninsured is not a university student and once he/she becomes employed he/she will inform the local IKA branch.
    For the coverage of the interested people the provisions of article 31 of Emergency Law 1846/1951 and IKA regulation for illness benefits are implemented. The health booklet provided to them is valid for six months and is renewed once they present a certification for still being unemployed from OAED.

Continuing Treatment

According to the circular of IKA no 43/2001: “… the Institute provides insurance eligibility, when it comes to continuing treatment and until the cure of the condition, even if the beneficiary doesn’t meet the requirements of article 31 par.1 of Law 1846/51,… as long as the need for the continuation of the treatment for the specific condition is medically stressed.

For more information you can call us at our office in Athens: 210 72 57 617 – 210 72 33 848 and at our office in Thessaloniki: 2310 23 70 40.