The overall goal of the Social Service (S.S.) of the Centre for Life is to provide the necessary assistance on social issues to people living with HIV and their families, with the aim to support, to maintain and to enhance the means, with which these people can bridge the gap between themselves and their being socially functional.

The Social Worker (S.W.) helps the visitors of the Centre for Life in the following ways:

  • Information and guidance to HIV+ people and their families and partners about their rights and the social benefits (allowances, pensions, health insurance, rights concerning health and the workplace, etc.)
  • Access to care and treatment for socially vulnerable groups (immigrants, refugees, victims of trafficking, drug users etc.)
  • Support for HIV+ people who are in obvious need (physically challenged, helpless, elderly, in-patients)
  • Contact with Infections Disease Units
  • Referral to services of other organisations for the best possible care of the subject in question
  • Support for HIV+ prisoners and released from prison
  • Support and counseling on social and professional problems, and their solution
  • Emphasis on social issues and assertion of rights
  • Carrying out of specific programmes of the Social Service

The Social Service is open Monday ― Friday, 09:00 ― 17:00, by appointment

Head of the Social Service: Anna Kavouri / email: [email protected]


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