Psychological Service

The service’s goal is individualized psychological support for people living with HIV/AIDS and their environment, as well as support and information for individuals who wish to be or were just submitted for an HIV test.

Specifically, the Psychological Support Service provides:

  • Counseling, psychological support and information to HIV+ individuals (discussion about their difficulties and concerns regarding HIV/AIDS, their interpersonal, family, friendly and working relations, confronting mental health problems etc.)
  • Counseling and information to family members of HIV+ individuals
  • Counseling and information to partners and friends of HIV+ individuals
  • Help and support in finding qualified services, when HIV+ individuals require help from other agencies as in cases of drug and alcohol abuse, psychiatric disorders etc.
  • Acquaintance meetings with people living with HIV who wish to be broadly informed about all the services offered at the Centre for Life.
  • Counseling and information to people who are not HIV+ and wish to learn more about HIV/AIDS, have an HIV test, discuss their fears about a possible infection or ways of effective prevention etc.
  • Counseling and information to individuals who recently tested negative and want to talk about effective ways of prevention in the future and the risky behaviors that led them to taking the test in the first place etc.

Psychological Service appointments can be arranged by telephone at 210 7257 617 or 210 72 94 747 (Athens) and 2310237040 (Thessaloniki).

Mondays 1pm-9pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9am-5pm,

Psychologist in Athens: Ioanna Asimakopoulou | [email protected]

Psychologist in Thessaloniki: Apostolis Peltekis |  [email protected]


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