Positive Counseling

Positive Counseling is a program, which came to systematize and establish the long tradition of Centre for Life’s informative activities directed at people living with HIV, aiming at empowering them through education. The program includes a series of informative lectures – discussions by qualified health professionals and scientists of different specialties (physicians, social workers, psychologists, etc.) carried out in the Drop-In Centre, the heart of the Centre for Life.

The lectures are accompanied by relative informative material with reliable scientific, yet simple and understandable information, which is based on the respective versions of the internationally recognized NAM information agency. The program is intended to provide responsible and updated information to people living with HIV, their relatives and partners for issues related to their daily life with the virus, such as medication and compliance with the treatment, communication with the doctor, social rights, co-infections, nutrition, daily routine, mental health and many other issues of interest.

How does my treatment work? How do I deal with the side effects? How can I talk to my doctor about issues that concern me? What benefits am I entitled to?  How can I take better care of my health? The Positive Counseling program enables people living with HIV to answer such questions and to discuss issues that concern them with skilled professionals, within a framework of security, warmth and privacy, such as the Drop-In Centre.