The Centre for Life opens a public dialogue on the issue of protecting labour rights of people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Centre for Life sets as a priority the equal access in employment and launches the program “Equality in the Workplace – Defending Labour Rights of People living with HIV/AIDS”. This program is realized with the significant support of Open Society Foundation (OSF).

Through its 26 years of experience in the field of HIV, Centre for Life has repeatedly dealt with cases of discrimination of employees, which in many cases ended to the exclusion from work. HIV-related stigmatization is prominent in the working environment, though-until today, no recommendations on HIV/AIDS of the International Labour Organization have been adopted. At the same time, national provisions are still in force excluding people living with HIV from specific professions and/or having discreet discriminating treatment against them.

Taking into consideration the above and the undeniable right of access of all employees to labour, the immediate inception of a dialogue with the scientific contribution of all of the responsible bodies is deemed necessary. This dialogue will deal with the following subjects:

  • The abolition of the national provisions of discriminating treatment against employees living with HIV
  • The recording of the practices that are being followed until today
  • The detection of possible errors and insufficiencies
  • The establishment of a specialized legal framework
  • The education of members of the labour organizations on issue related to HIV/AIDS

In the public dialogue, national bodies, labour organizations, NGOs, Units of Infectious Disease of hospitals, public and private legal entities, as well as independent authorities will have the possibility to participate, aiming to establish a network of collaboration, which will defend the labour rights of people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Center for Life, together with the involved bodies, will try to establish a specific, just and functional legal framework that will ensure the opportunity for people living with HIV/AIDS to decent and productive labour in an environment of equality, safety and dignity.

With the kind support: