As a part of its continuous efforts for the provision of comprehensive information to the general public in regards to HIV and AIDS, Centre for Life presents with the support of DUO a video on the proper use of condoms, targeting the critical age group of adolescents and young people.

Almost 10% of new HIV diagnoses in Greece concern teenagers and young people aged 15-24, while more than 1 in 4 diagnoses concern young people up to 29 years old (Centre of Disease Prevention and Control. Epidemiological Survey of HIV / AIDS infection in Greece, 31-12-2016 (Issue No. 31). Athens 2017). At the same time, 1 out of 4 pupils up to 15 years old in Greece are sexually active, and 1 out of 5 of them do not systematically use a condom (World Health Organization and University Mental Health Research Institute 2014 “Pan-Hellenic research on health-related behaviors of adolescent students”).

The main reasons for why adolescents and young people are more vulnerable to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases appear to be related to the early onset of sexual activity combined with poor awareness regarding safe sexual behaviour. Based on these data, it becomes clear that informing adolescents about issues like prevention of HIV transmission is of particular importance.

In order to have more impact on the target audience of teenagers, the video unfolds in a bus and depicts high school students ready to depart to the airport for the usual five-day school trip. Shortly before departure, a student’s father who is dressed as a flight attendant gives instructions for the proper use of a condom following the standards of safety instructions usually heard just before each airplane take off. The information about the correct use of condoms is thus given in an imaginative and inventive way.