“Take down the label” Centre for Life’s nationwide HIV awareness campaign

Featuring Jenny Balatsinou and Thodoris Marandinis, the campaign informs, sensitizes and breaks ΗIV / AIDS stereotypes

“She was asking for it”, “stay away from me”, “incapable of being a mother”, “ perverted”, “immoral” …these are just a few of the “tags” that we have stuck on people living with HIV / AIDS for years, because of the lack of information on the matter.

The Centre for Life, invites people to take down the labels, with an inventive campaign on information and awareness, which will be implemented through social media and through the distribution of leaflets throughout the country.

The first phase of the campaign will run through Centre for Life’s official Facebook page, where a photo of a man will be posted full of labels and stereotypes, representing people living with HIV / AIDS. The audience is invited to take down the labels, by pressing the “angry” reaction and not the “like” button, stating this way their objection. Each day, with the support of the FB users, a label will be removed, until this man is finally free of all those tags, giving him the right, even a digital one, to live a normal life.

The campaign features the well-known TV hostess Jenny Balatsinou and the singer of the musical group ONIRAMA, Thodoris Marandinis, who through two creative videos present labels that people have stuck on them. Thus, through their own experience, they will talk about how difficult it is for a person to take down a label that was stuck on them and move on in life, let alone the difficulties faced by a person living with HIV.

In the second phase of the campaign, Centre for Life in collaboration with the National Intermunicipal Network Healthy City – Health Promotion (EDDYPPY), will distribute more than 100,000 leaflets in more than 40 municipalities of the country. The main objective is to inform the public, since ignorance is the main reason that leads people to misunderstandings that cause or intensify their fear regarding HIV and AIDS.

This campaign is taking place on the occasion of celebrating Centre for Life’s 25 years of operation, and calling upon the state, collaborating organizations and the community to act as a whole tackling more effectively social stigma.


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