“KATERINA is HIV positive and is AFRAID that she might not pass her exams”, “DIMITRIS IS HIVpositive and is DYING of suspense, because tomorrow is his daughter’s first day at school”, “NICOLAS IS HIV positive and has LOST HIS SLEEP because he misses his girlfriend who went abroad”. People living with HIV might face challenges, difficulties and concerns, but many of them are no different from the ones aced by any other person.

Centre for Life’s new anti-stigma campaign aims to eliminate the misconceptions about the everyday life of people living with HIV. The most effective way of fighting social stigma is by direct, systematic and comprehensive information for the general public.



Thanks to the vast progress of medicine, in only a few years, one of the most terrifying and fatal diseases has become a manageable chronic condition. Recent large-scale surveys have shown that with proper use and systematic reception of the appropriate antiretroviral therapy, in combination with a healthy lifestyle, people living with HIV can reach life expectancy equal to the one of the general public.


Aside from the increased life expectancy, the improvement of the quality of everyday life of people living with HIV is remarkable. They fall in love, become parents, go to university, travel, dream, work and at the same time have their own concerns and worries; the same concerns and worries all people have.

Let’s do our best, so that people living with HIV have the everyday life they deserve, free of stigma and discrimination. Just like any other person.