If I Was HIV Positive

Within the informative initiatives of the NGO “CENTRE FOR LIFE” it’s progressing in implementing a campaign entitled “IF I WAS HIV POSITIVE”. Its aim is to sensitize the general population about HIV / AIDS and in particular the social stigma associated with it.

Fotis Sergoulopoulos, Maria Bakodimou, George Kapoutzidis, the National Men’s Polo Team, Vicky Arvaniti, Anna Kouroupou, Thanasis Tsaltampasis, Argiro Barbarigou, Vicky Kaya, Dimitris Lignadis, Michael Mouroutsos, Kaiti Garbi and Paul Mamalos are asking passengers taking the public transportation in Athens from Sunday, November 29.

With the participation of familiar persons, the Centre for Life invites the recipient of the message to essentially think and question whether an HIV-positive person can be an active and productive member of society, without discrimination, without labels, without fear. Together we form a group that symbolically attempts to intervene in a dynamic manner in the public opinion supporting the triptych: information – prevention – education.

The awareness campaign (an adaptation of the corresponding campaign by the French organization AIDES, which since 1984 supports HIV positive people) seeks to responsibly inform the public through a different, more experiential approach. The logic behind it and its messages refer to everyday life and the simple habits that form the sociability and the web of human relationships.

The campaign does not seek to stand “against” but “next” to both the negative stereotype and the positive unprejudiced truth of the message. It will try to answer to a series of simple questions, to the doubt and the reservations that each and every one of us can develop towards people living with HIV or AIDS.

Can I kiss you?  Can I bring a healthy child to the world? Can I have friends who are not afraid of me? 

For us the answer is positive, all we ask of you is to simply consider your answer. 

Put a stop to stigma. Support people living with HIV/AIDS.

Our allies in this effort, supporting the implementation of the campaign are Solidarity Now, MAC Cosmetics, GlaxoSmithKline and Antivirus.

The Centre for Life was founded in 1991 and is a recognized non-profit, non-governmental organization which offers support and services covering a wide range of needs of people living with HIV / AIDS, their families and their partners. The Centre meets the needs of the general public on information about HIV / AIDS and operates thanks to the valuable and tireless contribution of volunteers within the framework of respect and under strict confidentiality. The volunteers are trained in specialized seminars that take place every year.

All the organization’s actions are based on the belief that every person has the strength -physical, psychological, spiritual- possibilities to have a full and creative life.

For more information:

Centre for Life: 210 72.57.617, www.centreforlife.gr