Centre for Life in the “Walk Against Discriminations”

Day Against Racism- Monday, 21st of March 2017

“Walk Against Discriminations”

Centre for life will walk along with NGOs, politicians, journalists, artists, and writers, recognized for their socially consciousness and active dedication to human rights advocacy.

Time: 16 p.m.

Meeting point: Syntagma Square, Greek Parliament (Tomb of Unknown Soldier)

With the initiative of the Greek Forum of Migrants, representatives of various groups confronting racism (LGBT, Roma, migrants, HIV positive, refugees, elderly, drug addicts, religion minorities, etc.) will assemble for the third time – on the 21st of March, in recognition of the International Day Against Racism– for an organized walk from the Greek Parliament to the WelCommon Centre Accommodation for Refugee in Exarcheia (Kapodistriou 4).

For this event, European networks of NGOs support our initiative:

  1. UNITED-European Network Against Nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugee
  2. ENAR-European Network Against Racism
  3. EGAM-European Grassroots Antiracist Movement

The route will begin in Syntagma square outside the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and will end in WelCommon Centre Accommodation for Refugees.

The walk will end in Refugee Accommodation Centre “Welcommon” (Kapodistriou 4) where there will be a small event in memory of the President of Praksis Tzanetos Antipas. On the initiative of our organization, from this year it will take place an awarding of an organization or a person who deals with the issues of anti-racism and human rights, which will be named “Antiratsismos- Tzanetos Antipas” and during the event the Greek Forum of Migrants will award Praksis NGO.

In the Walk are participating, until now :

  1. Greek Forum of Migrants
  2. Council of Integration of Athens Municipality
  3. Praksis
  4. Amnesty International
  5. Antigone
  6. Life center
  7. ARSIS
  8. Doctors of the World
  9. Positive Voice
  10. Greek Forum of Refugees
  11. Greek Observatory of Helsinki’s Agreements
  12. Refugee School “Alef”
  13. Melissa
  14. 18 Ano
  15. Cosmos of Culture
  16. Racist Violence Recording Network
  17. ΜΕΤΑdrasi
  18. Children’s Reading Club Roma Nomismatokopio
  19. Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (KISE)
  20. National Commission for Human Rights
  21. Welcommon
  22. Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention (HCDCP)
  23. Union of Social Workers Greece
  24. Wind of Renewal
  25. Nigerian Women organization
  26. Greek Transgendered Support Association
  27. Macedonian Educational and Cultural Movement of Edessa
  28. Center for Children and Family
  29. Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association
  30. Association of Special Education Special Education Personnel Attica (SEEPEAA)
  31. Mercy Corps
  32. OLKE – The Lesbian and Gay Community of Greece
  33. SCI Hellas
  34. Escape to nature
  35. Cultural Centre Caucasus