Having a national permit from the Ministry of Education and the scientific editing of the National School of Public Health, the CfL is conducting a program for the prevention of HIV aimed at the youth population.


The Centre for Life is implementing a national awareness program in order to inform high school students about HIV and AIDS.

The Centre for Life will be conducting informative speeches on the subject of HIV and AIDS to high school students in the thirteen (13) districts of Greece during the whole current academic year (2017-2018). The Organization aims to cover an ongoing existing and crucial gap, for individual and public health.

Centre for Life’s initiative for educating the youth population has the nationwide permit from the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs (decision with protocol no. Φ.13.1/79903/Δ2) and is implemented from especially trained and experienced staff of the Organization. The scientific editing of the printed and the digital educational material that will be used during the informative speeches has been approved by the National School of Public Health (decision with protocol no. 2116/19.97.2016) while the pedagogical suitability has been approved by the Institute of Educational Policy (protocol no. 46/24.11.2016). Major donor of the program is the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, which supports information and innovation in the educational process.

Considering that a significant part of the population, especially the student and youth population, has no knowledge about why and how they should protect themselves during sexual activities and while stigmatization and social exclusion of people living with HIV/AIDS continues to exist, it seems necessary to conduct educational speeches for the youth in relation to HIV and AIDS.

In addition, it has been noted repeatedly, for decades now, from most scientific and educational institutions, that there is a need to introduce sexual education into the schools’ analytical curriculum. Many researches show that the vast majority of students, parents and educators in Greece support the introduction of sexual education in school.

The “HIV Prevention Program for Senior High School Students” aims at:

  • providing valid information, adapted to the modern scientific data, in relation to the HIV infection and AIDS
  • informing and raising awareness for the necessity and the ways of protection from the HIV virus
  • eliminating the stereotypes and fighting stigma that is related to HIV/AIDS

The Centre for Life, guided by its 26 years of experience and the ethical principles it has cultivated over the years, leveraging the thorough training of its staff as well as its excellent collaboration with relevant institutions, creates the appropriate conditions so that, on one hand, it can provide complete information and, on the other hand, to make knowledge a means of protecting and eliminating the stigma against people living with HIV or AIDS.

If you would like us to conduct an informative speech at the students of your school, you may contact us at our office in Athens: 210 72 57 617 – 210 72 33 848 or at our office in Thessaloniki: 2310 23 70 40.

The program is carried out with the kind support of MAC AIDS Fund, the International Student Identity-ISIC and the Beiersdorf Company.