Centre for Life, having a national permit from the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, is conducting educational programs for the HIV infection and for AIDS at High School students. Groups of trained and experienced members of our Organization conduct visits at schools of all thirteen (13) districts of Greece.

The scientific editing of the handouts and the digital educational material that will be used during the training is being realized by the National School of Public Health (ESDY) and the permit of the Institute for Educational Policy has been granted. Furthermore, Centre for Life’s directors who undertook to implement the program, had received further training from staff of the Office for Health Education and Public Awareness of the Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention (HCDCP).

The information of the pupil – youth population of Greece aims to cover an ongoing existing and crucial gap, for the individual and public health, which has to do with the HIV infection and with AIDS. The absence and the importance of including subjects that deal with sexual education into the school curriculum has been underlined for decades from various scientific and social entities. There is a big range of researches that show that the vast majority of pupils, of parents and of teachers in our country, support the inclusion of sexual education in the school curriculum (Gerouki M. “Sexual education in school”).

The aims of this program are:

  • the provision of valid information, adapted to the modern scientific data, in relation to the HIV infection and to AIDS,

  • informing and raising awareness for the necessity and the ways of protection from the HIV virus,

  • the elimination of stereotypes and fighting stigma that follows HIV/AIDS.

If you would like us to conduct this educational talk at the students of your school, you could call us at the following numbers. At our office in Athens: 210 72 57 617 – 210 72 33 848 and at our office in Thessaloniki: 2310 23 70 40.