From its foundation, cornerstone for the Centre for Life’s are its valuable volunteers. With their vital help they contribute substantially in the realization of our work. Our volunteers cover areas such as:

  • Event planning

  • Public awareness

  • Drop-In Centre (a place to meet, get informed and be entertained)

  • Info Centre

  • Hospital and Home visits (Buddies program)


Educational seminars

The continuous training of our volunteers constitutes for the Centre of Life priority and consolidated investment. Our goal is to offer our volunteers the means and the know-how needed to enhance their unselfish giving.

The educational seminars, necessary for all volunteers to attend, give the opportunity to the prospective volunteers to get informed about HIV/AIDS, to participate in group discussions and experiential exercises, get to know the Centre of Life and become involved in one of the volunteer’s groups, actively contributing to the work of the Organization.

The educational seminars are held twice a year and are completed in two weekends plus one more Saturday (36 hours in total); enabling all volunteers to gain basic knowledge on the issue they are to deal with.


How can you become a volunteer?

  • Participation interest (tel: Athens 2107257617 & 2107233848. Thessaloniki 2310237040. Email: [email protected])

  • Individual interview

  • Complete a questionnaire

  • Attend the training

  • Placement in the group that she/he will be volunteering in, after consultation with the Head of Volunteer Service of the Centre of Life.


Whichever group you may choose to volunteer in, you should know that you will enhance the Organization’s efforts of informing the general public on issues concerning HIV/AIDS and at the same time it will give you the opportunity to make new friends and gain new experiences!